Another Forward Thinking Development by Newgard Development Group

The Gale is being developed by Newgard Development Group. A team always determined to rise above expectations, their unwavering commitment to excellence and responsible development has quickly made Newgard synonymous with success. When it comes to modern design, high-end living, groundbreaking construction, top-notch quality, and best value, Newgard Development Group is considered to be one of top real estate developers in the nation.

Quickly reacting to the ever-changing market conditions, they are well known for constantly being abreast the “new”. Never shying away from a challenge, Newgard is notorious for incorporating concepts previously thought too difficult to include in large-scale residential and commercial projects.

No detail unseen, no corner unturned; the expertise and vision of their well-seasoned project managers, work together to ensure project launch on or before the estimated completion date. Efficiency is their game, and striving to deliver remarkable turnaround time is what they promise.

Newgard guarantees clients will be floored by the New(gard) approach; they taking pride in being different and bring the exceptional to the table.