Contract Conversions Completed

We have an exciting announcement for you!

The team at Gale Residences is ready to convert your Reservation Agreement into a Purchase and Sale Agreement. Our pace of sales has exceeded our expectations and we are delighted that you have been part of this success!

Together with the instruction letter you will be receiving later this month, please expect to find the following documents containing all pertinent information for the conversion of the Reservation Agreement into a formal Purchase and Sale Agreement:
(i) Formal Purchase and Sale Agreement (the “Agreement”),
(ii) Receipt of Condominium Documents,
(iii) Disclosure Summary,
(iv) Digital version of our Condominium Documents.

As a special surprise for our buyers, we have also enclosed a gift that provides more background on the exciting and distinguished Gale Brand.

Finally, please review the Contract Checklist to ensure proper completion and submittal of all documents. For your convenience, we will also enclose a pre-paid addressed return envelope for you to send back the completed documents.

We appreciate your support and are thrilled to welcome you to the Gale family! If you have any questions, please contact Brit Thunem, our Contract Administrator at (306) 603-9776.